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Global Cancer Facts & Figures 2007

This report (PDF, 52 pages) from the American Cancer Society has information and data about cancer, including basic facts about what cancer is, risks, genetic factors, numbers of people diagnosed and information about specific kinds of cancer.

The table of contents includes these topics.

  • What Is Cancer?
  • Can Cancer Be Prevented?
  • Who Is at Risk of Developing Cancer?
  • What Is Meant by Genetic Factors?
  • How Many People Alive Today Have Ever Been Diagnosed with Cancer?
  • What Percentage of People Will Survive Cancer?
  • How Is Cancer Staged?
  • What Are the Costs of Cancer?
  • Interventions for Cancer Prevention and Control
  • Selected Cancers
    Female Breast
    Colon and Rectum
    Lung and Bronchus
    Cervix Uteri
    Childhood Cancer
  • Special Section: Tobacco Epidemic
  • The International Fight Against Cancer
  • Data Sources and Methods
  • References