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Resources: Data

Quick Health Data Online: Access to county-level health status data

The Quick Health Data Online system, from the HHS Office on Women’s Health, provides state- and county-level data for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US territories and possessions. Data are available by gender, race and ethnicity and come from a variety of national and state sources. The system is organized into eleven main categories, including demographics, mortality, natality, reproductive health, violence, prevention, disease and mental health. Within each main category, there are numerous subcategories.

There is free training available through December 2013.

Some of the topics it can be used for reporting on:

  • breastfeeding, maternal health and reproductive health

  • adolescent health, nutrition and physical activity

  • preventive screenings for colorectal cancers, pap smears and mammograms

  • morbidity rates for diseases including diabetes and hypertension

  • health status measures including obesity, binge drinking, and smoking

  • health care access measures including dental visits, dental cleanings, and health insurance coverage

  • obesity

  • exercise

  • seatbelt use

  • routine checkups

  • cholesterol screening

  • fruit and vegetable consumption

  • emotional support and mental health

  • sexual assaults

  • HIV/AIDS risk factors, morbidity and mortality

  • and much more.