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Beat Reporting: John Fauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


John Fauber

Affiliation: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Beat Reporting

Year: 2009

Provide a brief synopsis of the story or stories, including any significant findings.

These stories, which include three installments from the "Side Effects" series and a fourth piece on a controversial treatment for MS, all involve the intersection of medicine and money. The three "Side Effects" stories are about conflicts of interest involving the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and its doctors, including one who also serves as editor of a medical journal. "Voodoo Medicine" is about an expensive MS treatment that has been championed by one doctor despite a lack of strong evidence of its effectiveness.

See the archived stories and the questionnaire in which the reporter writes about reporting these stories.

Read "Uncovering conflicts of interest in medicine, research," an article Fauber wrote for AHCJ members.