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Contest Entries

'Focus On Mobile Health,' Global Health Matters

Entrants: Jeff B. Gray

Affiliation: Global Health Matters

Beat Reporting

Year: 2009

Provide a brief synopsis of the story or stories, including any significant findings.

These four articles were part of a larger special section in Fogarty's newsletter on the rapidly growing trend of the use of mobile communications devices and software applications in health care delivery and medical research.

The front page article titled "Mobile health summit focuses on new technologies used in global health research" provides an overview of the global health community's interest in these new devices and programs.

"Cell phone useful in research targeting Peru's sex workers" (Page 10) features an NIH-funded project that utilizes mobile health technology to reach stigmatized communities of commercial sex workers.

The diverse range of communications devices, diagnostic tools, computer software and methods used by mobile health experts in the field was the subject of the article "Mobile health: a high-tech innovation ideal for low-resource settings" (Page 8).

The piece titled "Experts predict the future apps of mobile health" (Page 12) explores the possible shape of things to come in this dynamic sector of the health sciences, while identifying potential future challenges such as security and privacy issues.

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