Contest Entries

Suicide Magnet

Entrants: Randy Dotinga

Affiliation: Voice of San Diego


Year: 2008

Place: Third Place

Provide a brief synopsis of the story or stories, including any significant findings.

This is a series of stories about the public-health problem of suicides from a local bridge. The stories analyze the extent of the problem (more than 200 suicides over about 40 years) and examine how other cities have dealt with "suicide bridges."

Judges' comments: "Suicide Magnet" is an excellent example of how online journalism can provide local public service with accountability reporting and narrative writing. The bridge in question is an area landmark with a nearly mythic reputation as a suicide magnet. The project digs into the record and surfaces the hard data, and places it in the context of other well-know suicide locations nationwide. Importantly, the reporter puts a human face on the problem by talking with families and survivors. It also discusses how local efforts have largely failed, but could succeed, in prevention.

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