Contest Entries

Alone Among Us

Entrants: Sharon Salyer and Alejandro Dominguez

Affiliation: The (Everett, Wash.) Herald

Small Newspapers (under 90,000 circ.)

Year: 2008

Place: Third Place

Provide a brief synopsis of the story or stories, including any significant findings.

While stigma has long been associated with mental health care, the story explores the even greater stigma faced by Hispanics in seeking out and getting mental health care. The project had a number of online components, including both English and Spanish versions.

Judges' comments: In these stories, Sharon Salyer and Alejandro Dominguez delved into the largely hidden problem of mental health problems experienced in Hispanic and Asian cultures. The stories explored the link between many Hispanics' depression and anxiety and their tenuous immigration status. It also gave readers a look at life inside a federal detention facility where undocumented immigrants are held. The stories had strong graphic elements, detailing the extent of the problem. They also had powerful online components, which allowed online users to view interviews - in English and in Spanish - recorded with the stories' subjects.

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