Contest Entries

2007 Body of Work

Entrants: Marshall Allen

Affiliation: Las Vegas Sun

Beat Reporting

Year: 2007

Place: Second Place

Provide a brief synopsis of the story or stories, including any significant findings.

Marshall Allen's stories range from in-depth coverage of a health insurance merger and a criminal investigation at a public hospital, to heartfelt stories of patients getting caught up in a system that's often dictated by money and politics instead of quality patient care.

Judges' Comments: Marshall Allen's stories in the Sun were eye-opening accounts of a medical system dangerously out of control. Allen uncovered a range of abuses and flaws in the region's health system, including how a for-profit hospital involuntarily committed a depressed M.S. patient who was only seeking a referral.

Allen's beat reporting submissions


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Allen has written for AHCJ, describing how he reported on two projects in 2007:
Indentured doctors: Foreign-born doctors exploited by U.S. physicians
Death in Sin City – analyzing the CDC’s mortality database