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Contest Entries

Where's Molly?

Entrants: Elizabeth Cohen

Affiliation: CNN

TV/Radio (Top 20 markets, network, syndicated)

Year: 2007

Place: First Place

Provide a brief synopsis of the story or stories, including any significant findings.

For decades, tens of thousands of American children were locked in institutions - labeled as 'defective' and 'erased' from their family trees. Family secrets are now coming out in the open as siblings of these "erased children" go on a desperate search - but in most states, the law is standing in the way. We join a man who defied legal hurdles and his family's wishes to keep his sister a secret - and searched to finally bring his sister's existence out in the open.

Judges' Comments: This extraordinary piece details the journey that follows a brother's persistent question, 'where's Molly?' His quest to find the answer uncovers not just where Molly is, but how the mentally ill were treated. By the time he finds Molly, he learns that she was abandoned, forgotten, and abused. Molly's misery sets the table for Molly's miracle, a brother-sister reunion that also sets the stage for a sea change and or "Molly's Bill" 

See "Where's Molly?" by Elizabeth Cohen.

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