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Halloween a natural time to write about oral health Date: 11/15/13

Melissa Daigle
Melissa Daigle

By Mary Otto

Some dentists give out toothbrushes for Halloween. Culberson Boren, D.D.S., in Tyler, Texas, offered to buy back kids candy for a dollar a pound. Melissa Daigle, a reporter for CBS affiliate KYTX paid him a visit.

"A lot of people are trying to get guns off the street," Boren told her. "We're trying to get candy off the street."

Daigle took a break from her work to share a few insights into her piece, which was fun, and at the same time managed to incorporate some useful oral health information.

Q: How did you find out about Dr. Boren's candy buyback program and how, out of all the story ideas you need to sift through, did you decide to feature it?

A: Dr. Boren has done this buyback program before, and he's just a dentist I use regularly for stories because he's so media-friendly.

Q: Did you learn anything new about oral health in working on the story?

A; Yes! I learned your diet is even more important than how much you brush your teeth. Dr. Boren told me if he could pick between not brushing your teeth and not eating candy, his advice would be to not eat candy.

Q: Halloween seems like it is becoming a popular time to write about dental care. Have there been other events or angles you or your colleagues at Channel 19 have used to write about oral health topics?

A: I think Halloween is the only holiday. We've done stories before on dentists who've performed free cleanings all day for low-income families.

Q: Do you get a sense that your audience is interested in learning more about oral health?

A: I think parents with young children care.

Q: Any words of wisdom on covering dental care that you’d like to pass along?

A: I think you have to speak to the moms. They're the ones making sure their kids' teeth are getting brushed before bedtime and controlling what's in their lunchboxes, etc.