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Career Development: Job Postings

Job type: Full-time Position
Location: New York, NY
Position: Content Manager
Organization: MedShadow Foundation
Date posted: 04/18/19

Salary: $60,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year

Strategic Role: The Content Manager plays a pivotal role in bringing to life and expanding the editorial vision of regarding content strategy, execution and delivery. As a senior member of the team, he/she is expected to generate team engagement through leadership.

Reports to: President

The selected candidate will primarily work remotely.



  • Working with freelancers and paid interns, the CM is responsible that all content is posted in a timely manner and in a consistent voice that advances MedShadow’s mission and expands its footprint. The CM is expected to be or quickly become an expert in patient advocacy, as well as drug side effects, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, nutritional supplements and how the FDA operates. This requires that the CM has the ability to understand and critically analyze medical research reports. The CM will be expected to keep up-to-date on current medical thinking by interviewing medical experts, reading medical journals and blogs, and attending conferences.

  • Oversee and develop all strategic content for all digital mediums including the website, blogs, webinars, with the exception of social media which is handled by the marketing staff.

  • Develop, assign and collaborate with freelance, volunteer and amateur writers on articles, downloadables and/or other types of content to ensure a consistent voice that advances MedShadow's mission while expanding its reach. In addition, make sure features and blogs come in on time and maintain status of content through Trello.

  • Recruit and manage editorial interns at CM’s discretion.

  • Create the editorial calendar and ensure all deadlines are being met and content is being appropriately distributed.

  • Staying within budget.

  • Create and distribute a weekly newsletter via Mailchimp.

  • Respond to comments and mail from website visitors and on social media.

  • Review and comment on all marketing and press materials. Incorporate infographics and downloadables (produced by marketing) into new and existing articles.

  • Interview doctors and pharmacists, interact with patient advocates, read news, medical articles and new research to stay current on issues in the field and become a subject-matter expert in patient advocacy specializing in side effects, adverse events and long-term effects of medicines.

  • Identify, hire and manage freelance writers.

  • Issue and collect contracts, W2s for writers

  • Alert admin manager when to pay on published articles

  • Ensure that fresh content is posted on MedShadow’s website no less than 4x weekly using a mixture of your own reporting, and writing by interns, volunteer, amateur and freelance writers.

  • Regularly update and re-post existing content.

  • Continuously improve content processes and style guides to speed flow from concept to posting.


  • Build site traffic through intelligent use of SEO using Google Analytics, keyword search, tagging, etc.

  • Skill in posting to CMS and photo/art selection from Adobe Stock.

Alternative Content

Working with marketing staff, help drive MedShadow into video/podcast/internet or other emerging mediums.

Medical and Patient Advisory Board

The content manager recruits, engages and leads the Medical Advisory Board. All Board members should contribute to MedShadow in some way each year - an article, reviewing an article, being available to be interviewed as a representative of MedShadow or in other ways. There should be one meeting of the entire Medical Advisory Board annually through GoToMeeting or other gathering technology.

The Patient Advisory Board, to be established in 2019, is an opportunity to create partnerships with grassroots and smaller organizations often led by the founder. These relationships are often instigated by a patient advocate writing a “First Person” article on his/her own experience and could lead to collaboration on projects, articles, downloadables, conferences, YouTube/Facebook Live videos or in many other directions.

Industry Relationships

  • Promote the growth of MedShadow through conference attendance, social media and public awareness campaigns. Identify and create relationships with like-minded organizations.

  • Foster content sharing and other programs with patient advocate websites and consumer general interest sites to increase awareness of our mission.

Development and Corporate

  • Review marketing and development material as needed.

  • Attend and participate in the planning of development events.

  • Attend and report to the board at board meetings as needed.

  • Assist in identifying and participation in grant writing opportunities and deliverables.

  • Assist with staff development, budgeting and interaction with the Board, accountants and lawyers to meet contractual obligations and business needs.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to

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