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Career Development: Job Postings

Job type: Freelance Position
Location: Telecommute
Position: Core Topic Leader: Patient Safety
Organization: Association of Health Care Journalists
Date posted: 04/01/21

The Association of Health Care Journalists seeks freelance assistance in maintaining and building helpful and dynamic web resources for fellow journalists covering issues surrounding patient safety.

This year-to-year commitment would include writing blog posts for Covering Health, summarizing key issues, webcasting short interviews with top experts, asking other journalists to write about their work and contribute tip sheets, identifying good story examples and important dates for journalists. This writer would work with AHCJ's web editor to encourage reader interaction through social media and should be willing to share knowledge at AHCJ events.

The writer must be experienced in writing about health for web publications, linking to sources and other materials, editing and assigning work to other journalists. Additional multimedia experience is a plus, as is an existing network of journalists and experts in the patient safety field.

This freelance work will pay up to $12,000 a year.

Position details

AHCJ believes there is a core set of topics that today’s health journalists need to master to cover the beat well and has launched several core topic areas toward that effort. These "learning centers" are expertise areas we feel are essential to reporting on health or health care.

Each specialty topic page includes glossaries, key concepts, reporting tip sheets, blog items, first-person stories by fellow journalists, videos, data and more. The topic home page serves as a launch pad to more resources, on and elsewhere.

The patient safety core topic will include information about improving medical diagnoses, understanding hospital inspection records, analyzing patient satisfaction surveys, physician training and health care setting procedures.

Coverage areas will likely continue to grow as the subject areas continue to expand. The patient safety core topic leader will be expected to work closely with the other topic leaders where patient safety issues overlap into those areas.

The core topic leader will:

  • Write a collection of concise background briefs on key concepts related to the topic.

  • Contribute blog posts at least once a week to AHCJ's blog, Covering Health, that point out good journalistic work being done on the topic, resources or other things that would help reporters advance their coverage.

  • Define key terms and concepts related to patient safety to assist reporters on deadline.

  • Find and write up descriptions of key related events, workshops, conferences, briefings, etc., to add to AHCJ's web calendar.

  • Organize and moderate quarterly webcasts with experts and journalists to educate reporters on emerging issues.

  • Review suggestions from members and determine which to add to our resources.

  • Assign first-person stories/tip sheets to be written by other journalists ("how I covered this aspect of a story") designed to help reporters work on similar or related stories.

  • Pinpoint or obtain related datasets that will allow reporters to deepen their stories and write summaries of them, suggesting best uses and possible stories.

  • Assist in setting up panels and finding speakers for AHCJ training events.

To Apply

Please take a careful look at the existing core topics. Send an email with suggestions on what you would contribute, tell us about your applicable experience and attach a résumé with story links to by March 30, with “Patient Safety topic leader” in the subject line. Applications can be addressed to the "Topic Leader Review Committee." Notes of inquiry can be sent to the same address.