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Job type: Full-time Position
Location: Boston, MA
Position: STAT - SEO Editor
Organization: STAT
Date posted: 01/13/23

In November 2015, STAT was launched as a new national media brand focused on health, medicine, and life sciences. Since then, we have grown to be the authoritative and trustworthy news media source in the industry and our all-star team of editors and reporters have won numerous journalism awards, including being named as a 2021 Pulitzer finalist. The STAT brand includes a website (, mobile app, numerous newsletters, live events and virtual events, and other products. STAT is based in Boston and is affiliated with Boston Globe Media Partners but is independent from The Boston Globe.

The Role
As our newsroom continues to grow, STAT is looking for an experienced editor to establish and own an expert SEO strategy. This editor would have eyes on all STAT stories, ensuring the sharpest headlines for search. This editor will also review stories in our archives to consider refining past display copy. Lastly, this editor will also help optimize for search all of STAT’s various initiatives.

STAT prides itself on a collaborative spirit, flexibility, and a willingness to innovate, and we are looking for these skills in an editor. Also essential: fidelity to bedrock journalistic values and a commitment to excellence.

What You’ll Do
- Make sure articles and landing pages have the best possible headlines and are optimized for search.
- Work with editors prior to publication of major projects to apply search trends and keyword guidance
- Help determine what new curated collections and tags we need to better highlight our editorial coverage on the homepage, article pages, event pages, and social platforms
- Actively look for opportunities to add effective calls to action (related stories, newsletter signups, event promotion, etc.) in our stories
- Provide SEO support to the STAT newsroom, including guidance on strategy for on- and off-page optimizations and recommendations, and training new employees on SEO best practices  
- Monitor site-wide daily performance metrics and use SEO tools and techniques to optimize site traffic, improve user experience, and increase conversions 
- Work closely with the product team, providing audits and shepherding requests for improving mobile usability, backlinks, page speed, redirects.
- Optimize other landing pages, including STAT’s events pages, reports, e-books, and other ancillary product pages 
- Using Brightedge, optimize high-performing stories (current and evergreen) for continued ranking while simultaneously improving non-performing stories and pages for ranking, with a focus on increasing conversions and revenue from those key pages
- Perform keyword research to identify content gaps, emerging trends, and new opportunities in the life sciences landscape
- Develop and refine performance dashboards, SERP monitoring solutions, and processes for consistent audits. 
- Report daily, weekly and monthly business performance, progress toward key growth initiatives, and analyze data to help inform strategies
- Manage relationships and partnerships with major search platforms (Google, Microsoft, DuckDuckGo, CrowdTanlge, Brightedge) 
- Foster partnership and collaboration with other Boston Globe Media Group SEO experts. 

Who You Are
- Minimum 5 years of experience working in an SEO-specific role, with an in-depth understanding of Moz, SEMrush, and other search optimization tools. Preferred experience using Conductor and/or Brightedge.
- A desire for getting incredible stories in the hands of incredible readers
- Experience writing strong SEO headlines and well-versed in SEO best practices
- Knowledge with Google Analytics and Adobe’s Omniture
- Willing to adapt and be audience-focused, with a curious mindset and a commitment to creating an inclusive work environment
We know that there are strong candidates who may not fit precisely into what we’ve described above or who have important skills we haven’t thought of. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

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