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Job type: Freelance Position
Location: Remote, TX
Position: Freelance Healthcare Writer (B2B Repurposed Content)
Organization: PodReacher
Date posted: 11/16/22

We’re seeking skilled writers with a background in healthcare topics to craft articles based on webinars, podcast episodes, and other recorded content.

You’ll listen to/watch the recording and then write up a comprehensive piece that conveys the main information from the recording for the target audience. In some cases, light Internet research may be required to fill in information gaps and create the most polished content.

Your job is to do great writing and we make a major effort to ensure you have everything (transcript, client brief) you need to do just that!

A lot of content we work with can get deep “in the weeds” on a given subject. We pride ourselves on creating content that is nuanced and smart.

All qualified writers may apply, but we find writers with 2-5 years of professional writing experience tend to find this most rewarding.

Here are a few things that describe the ideal candidate:

- You’re an excellent writer, ideally with a mix of content marketing and journalism experience

- You’re not afraid of industry jargon terms (and if you come across a term you don’t know, you can’t NOT Google it)

- You communicate clearly and frequently with colleagues and you’re comfortable using online project management tools (we use Trello)

- You’re open to feedback and able to adapt your writing style accordingly

- You take creating great content seriously! Writing is your craft and you hate to submit anything that is less than your best work (we give you detailed briefs, instructions and templates and expect you to follow them)

Pay for articles ranges from $120-$250. Our top writers earn ~$1,500 per month.

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