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Erin Kelser


Communicable diseases and outbreaks, infection control, antibiotic resistance, phage therapy, the human microbiome; transgender health and gender issues, sexuality and sexual health; public health and healthcare disparities; alternative and integrative medicine, plant-based medicines of Asia and of the Americas, plant-based nutrition; nursing roles and the nursing profession

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Tabitha M. Powledge


Infectious disease and microbiology; cancer; endocrinology and hormones (estrogens and testosterone, menopause, and menstruation); test-tube babies, IVF, prenatal diagnosis, and other embryo and fetal technology; bioethics; health policy; medical policy; basic biomedical research; diet and nutrition; the brain and neuroscience; human behavior, animal behavior, and psychology; genetics, genomics, and biotechnology; epigenetics; archeology and paleontology; evolution (including primate evolution and human evolution); and science policy.

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Larry Beresford


Hospice, palliative care, end-of-life care and related health care subjects.

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Heather Boerner

San Francisco

Nutrition, alternative therapy/yoga, mental health, sexual health, LGBT health, chronic illnesses and health care policy

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John Cannon

San Diego

Editor of articles and books, especially in the areas of quality measurement, health care politics, public health, environmental health, border health, consumer issues, fitness, profiles, features

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Cheryl Clark

San Diego

Healthcare payment reform, quality measurement, physician practice issues, treatment variation, less is more. Why/how healthcare works right, sometimes, and why/how it works wrong.

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Heather Johnson


General health and wellness, fitness, consumer health, celiac disease

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Jane Neff Rollins


Conference coverage; consumer health and wellness; cancer; complementary and alternative medicine; dermatology; diabetes; doctor-patient communication; endocrinology; epidemiology; gastroenterology; health care navigation; health insurance; heart health; immunology/transplantation infectious disease, neurology; ophthalmology; patient education; pharmacoeconomics; public health (especially HIV/AIDS and TB); rheumatology; women’s health

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Sue Russell

San Diego/Los Angeles

Health and fitness. Alternative/integrative health. Violence in women. Abuse of children. Mental and physical health issues affecting criminals and law enforcement personnel, including their impact on criminal justice issues, investigations, and forensic science. Celebrity health and business profiles.

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Kathy Jean Schultz

Santa Barbara

Medical innovations and scientific advances, including stem cell research and organoid advances

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Stephanie Stephens

Los Angeles

General health and wellness, women's health, baby boomer health and lifestyle, mental health, psychology/psychiatry, natural/integrative health, health policy, neurology, cardiology, cancer, aging and caregiving, physical therapy, healthcare professions, dermatology and plastic surgery

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Lisa Zamosky

Los Angeles

Health insurance, health care business and policy, consumer health, health literacy and biopharma

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Catherine Dold


General health and wellness, recently specializing in addiction and recovery, mental health, nephrology, oncology, environmental issues

Elizabeth Marglin


General health and wellness, fitness, aging, yoga, integrative health, sustainability, environmental issues


Sheryl Kraft


Women's health, breast cancer, fitness, baby boomer wellness

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Nancy Monson


Women’s health, nutrition and diet, stress reduction, lifestyle medicine, therapeutic benefits of hobbies and creative activities

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District of Columbia

Ryan Basen Washington, D.C. Sports medicine, medical cannabis, health policy, careers in medicine, alternative medicine, wellness and physical activity.  Bio | Résumé | Website | Clips | Twitter

Merrill Goozner

Washington, D.C.

Health policy; coverage of federal health-related regulatory agencies, especially FDA and CMS; technology development,  especially pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; neglected and rare  diseases

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Bonny P. McClain


Data informed stories from the intersection of medicine, health policy, and health economics

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Judith M. Orvos, E.L.S.

Washington, D.C.

Women’s health, oncology, HIV/AIDS, urology, urgent care, CAM

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Stephenie Overman

Washington, D.C. area

Workplace health, safety and wellness

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David Pittman

Washington, D.C.

General medical and health, mental health, pharmaceuticals, health policy, hospital care and management, medical education, cancer, HIV/AIDS

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Barbara Goodheart

Fort Lauderdale

Diabetes and addiction; biology, biotechnology, cardiology, clinical trials, diagnostics, digestive disease, endocrinology, hypertension, NSAIDS, nutrition, pain, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, physiology, psychiatry, pulmonary disease, rheumatology, urology, virology

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Wendy Lyons Sunshine


Ophthalmology, environmental health, behavioral health, child development 

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Michael Stone


Health care management and physician leadership; emerging technologies; medical education; feature profiles of physicians, pioneering programs and techniques, academic departments, etc.; environmentally friendly practices; holistic community medicine; telehealth/telemedicine; other web-based applications; chronic diseases and disorders; volume-outcome correlations; immunotherapy; treatment plan adherence and incentives; malpractice

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Nancy Groves


Ophthalmology, optometry, cancer, public health, general health and wellness, conference coverage, notetaking

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Judith L. Kanne


Public Health; Nurse Updates; Health Literacy; Healthy Aging

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John Andrew "Andy'' Miller


Health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid; the uninsured and underinsured; medical industry trends; consumer health; prescription drugs; hospitals and physicians; long-term care; medical research; mental health and substance abuse.

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Susan Ince


Consumer health, trade journals, narrative, investigative, profiles, medical meeting coverage, interpreting health studies for consumers. Cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, genetics, oncology, aging, women’s health, fertility, psychology

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Rita Colorito


Cancer research, chronic disease management, consumer safety, integrative medicine, aging and caregiving, health care costs and insurance, health care technology, mind/body connection, sleep health, women’s health, conference coverage

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Marcia Frellick


Specializes in nursing issues, weaving stories from studies, explaining how medical devices work, exploring ethical issues.

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Richard Hyer


General medicine, including allergy/immunology, critical care, diabetes, hematology/oncology, influenza, ophthalmology, radiology, renal, and surgery.

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Mary Chris Jaklevic


Business of health care, public policy, quality measures, nutrition and obesity

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Bridget M. Kuehn


Clinical research, mental health, substance abuse, infectious disease, health policy, and data-driven journalism

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Kurt Ullman, R.N., M.H.A.


Diabetes, asthma, cardiology, rheumatology, oncology, psychiatry

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Karen Infeld Blum


Health and medicine; cardiology; transplant; developmental disabilities/autism; pharmacy; anesthesiology; oncology

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Pat McNees


Consumer health, clinical research, mental health and illness, grief and bereavement, health care policy, history of medicine

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Joseph Burns


Health care business strategies and health care policy, particularly how health plans and physicians implement health care strategies and health care policy.

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Phyllis M. Hanlon

Central Massachusetts

Human-interest stories, profiles and articles on medical/healthcare topics, religion, academics and business for magazines and newspapers; custom publications

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Tinker Ready


Health policy, biomedical research, women’s health

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Andrea King Collier


Health care disparities, medical and health care for consumers, professional papers

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Steve Raphael

Metropolitan Detroit

The business of health care, with an emphasis on provider financial performance; high tech, including all areas of life sciences, as well as engineering and automotive; signficant editing and supervisory experience.

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Harriet Hodgson, B.S., M.A.


Children's health, caregiving, dementia, anticipatory grief, post-death grief

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Maryn McKenna


Public health, global health, infectious disease, epidemiology, medical narrative

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Kay Schwebke, M.D., M.P.H., M.A.

St. Paul

Investigative health stories, health quality, public health, consumer health

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Lola Butcher


Health care business and policy; Medicare policy

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Jeanne Erdmann


Erdmann writes features, news, and narrative. Her stories cover immunology, neuroscience, cancer, genetics, and technology.

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David L. Fortney


Consumer health and wellness, safety, health care business, human interest stories and profiles, medical narrative, hospital and medical history, custom publications, international and public health, environmental issues, mental health


Tammy Worth

Kansas City

Consumer health, business, policy, social determinants

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Elizabeth Mack


Mindfulness, women's integrative health, aging, oral health, environmental health

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New Jersey

Ann Roberts Brice

Morristown, N.J.

Feature articles and news stories on the business of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Topics include: evolving US health care policies. FDA prescription drug approvals and withdrawals. Generic drugs and biosimilars. OTC switch products and dietary supplements. Company R&D pipelines and clinical trials. Industry lawsuits. Medical research breakthroughs. Company financial results. Profiles of emerging biotech firms.

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New Mexico

Bryant Furlow


Health care policy and legislation, cancer research, public health and epidemiology, international health issues, investigative journalism

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New York

Vanessa G. Ahern


Autism, emergency preparedness, women’s health, pregnancy, parenting, mental health, wellness, technology

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Rita Baron-Faust

New York City

Women’s health issues, aging issues, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, mental health (depression, anxiety, etc), cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, cancer/oncology, culture and health, sexuality

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Katherine Eban


Investigative, Homeland security/bio-terror, Public health, Drug safety, Pharmaceutical supply chain: counterfeiting, diversion, parallel trade

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Paul Cerrato


Clinical medicine, medical news, women’s health, nutrition, diabetes, and healthcare information technology


Martica Heaner, Ph.D.

New York City

Nutrition, fitness, weight loss and all health

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David Levine

New York City

Mental health, neuroscience, oncology, sleep disorders, pharmaceuticals, alternative medicine

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Irene S. Levine, Ph.D.


Mental health, mental illness, relationships, aging, women, travel health

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Barbara Mantel

New York City

Public health, mental health, health policy, medical research, gun control

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Yael L. Maxwell

New York City 

Interventional cardiology, general medicine/health, FDA/CMS news, fitness, conference reporting, on-camera interviewing 

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Carol Milano


Careers in health and science; occupational health; practice management; complementary/alternative medicine; environmental health

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Laura Newman

New York City

Newsletters, feature stories, profiles, oncology, evidence based medicine, urology, imaging, clinical outcomes research, practice guidelines, Medicare, public policy

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Barbara Sadick

 New York City

Consumer health and medical articles, health study interpretation, articles on the patient experience, features, news, obesity

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Liz Seegert

Little Neck

Issue and policy concerns range from health disparities to health literacy to e-health.

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Maia Szalavitz

New York City

Neuroscience, addictions, psychology, brain and behavior, health.

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Paul Raeburn

New York City

Families, psychology, psychiatry, science, genomics, medicine, health policy.

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Arlene Weintraub

New York City

Health care, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medicine, aging

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Susan Milstrey Wells


Mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, trauma, violence, social determinants of health, homelessness; speeches, blog posts, white papers, articles, reports

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Irene Wielawski

Pound Ridge

Health care policy and financing, barriers to medical care among the poor and uninsured, health system reform, medical science

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North Carolina

Beth Howard


Consumer health, aging, wellness, prevention, nutrition, health care, hospital safety, medical education

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Bonny P. McClain


Data informed stories from the intersection of medicine, health policy, and health economics

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Sibyl Wilmont, R.N., M.S.N., M.P.H.

Research Triangle area  

Public health, social/environmental determinants of health, nursing, pharmaceuticals/biotech/medical devices, academic/clinical research interpretation, health care media analysis, individual/corporate profiles. 

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Eileen Beal

Cleveland/Northeast Ohio

Geriatrics/aging issues; eldercare; long-term care issues (including financing); chronic disease management; consumer health/wellness; integrataive/holistic medicine; medical education (all levels), healthcare technology; the “business” of healthcare, the “business” of eldercare; doctor/patient relationships.

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Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton Tulsa Native American health, rural health care access, mental health, nutrition Bio | Résumé | Clips


Andrew Holtz, M.P.H.


Public health, social determinants, medical research, health literacy

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Richard M. Kirkner


General and vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, colon, esophageal and breast cancers, eye care, health economics and medical practice management.

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Eleanor Mayfield


Biomedical research, cancer (clinical trials, treatment, prevention), cardiovascular health, child health, clinical trials, diabetes, health, medicine, medical treatment, HIV/AIDS, women’s health

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Eric T. Rosenthal


Issues and controversies in oncology; social history of cancer; appropriate and effective communication of medical information to the public; medicine and the media; medical consumerism

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Robin Warshaw


Medicine and medical research, women’s health, cancer research and treatment, breast cancer, neuroscience, consumer health and wellness, patient experience, quality of life, rape, higher education, social issues, profiles, ghostwriting.

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Salynn Boyles


All health/medical topics; have written extensively about cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alternative treatments, weight loss, and nutrition

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Laura Beil


Consumer health, medicine, science, health policy, narrative

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Charlotte Huff

Dallas/Fort Worth

Medicine, science, psychology, business of health, health insurance, doctor-patient interactions

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Kim Krisberg


Public health practice and policy, occupational health and safety, health equity, prevention science, health reform, social determinants of health, environmental public health, medical education

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Nadia Whitehead

El Paso

General health and wellness, biomedical engineering, infectious disease, cancer, medical research, basic sciences, food and nutrition, and other health-related issues 

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Frieda Wiley


Cardiology, endocrinology, geriatrics, integrative medicine, telemedicine, Affordable Care Act, oncology, consumer awareness, service pieces, health and wellness

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Debra L. Gordon, M.S.


Healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act, accountable care organizations, patient-centered healthcare, patient empowerment, mHealth, health information technology, managed care, clinical topics (variety of therapeutic areas)

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Kathleen Hall


Consumer health education, cancer, general health, diabetes, mental health, heart health

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Jennifer Salopek


Academic medicine, advocacy, healthcare policy, innovation, patient-centered care, professional societies, social media

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Robert Duke


Grassroots local healthcare reform, elder care, disability, end of life, palliative care, hospice

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Kristin Harper


Infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, public health, population health, global health, health disparities

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Sally James


Genetics and cancer, biotechnology, neuroscience of learning, consumer health, vaccines

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Washington, D.C.

(see District of Columbia)