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Career Development: Freelance Center

Freelance PitchFest

An editor reviews story clips presented by an AHCJ freelance member during the annual PitchFest event.

At each annual conference since 2008, editors from top magazines, newspapers and websites have made themselves available to hear story pitches from AHCJ’s freelance members. Freelancers are able to schedule several short, one-on-one appointments with these assigning editors to introduce themselves, share background material and suggest specific stories.

Directions for signing up and preparing for the PitchFest are provided to conference registrants in the weeks leading up to the annual spring conference.

Four Simple Rules for PitchFest Etiquette

  1. Prepare carefully. We will post blurbs on the annual conference page from editors describing what they want, so read those to find out what each editor is seeking. For example, news editors won't want to hear a pitch for a feature. Study the publication to make certain your pitch is a good fit.

  2. Arrive in plenty of time. We will run on time and we will run like clockwork. If you are late, you forfeit your time slot.

  3. Respect the time limit. When you hear the one-minute warning, start to wrap up. When you hear time called, please get up, thank the editor and say you'll follow up with an email.

  4. Understand the limits. Please recognize that attending PitchFest does not guarantee you a sale. It does guarantee you an opportunity to pitch face-to-face to editors who are extremely difficult to access, even by email.