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Nova Institute Media Fellowship

The new Nova Media Fellowship supports print, broadcast, and digital journalists who wish to immerse themselves in the health field and complete media projects that explore the many factors that promote well-being, prevent disease, contribute to healing, and increase an individual’s ability to flourish and live a fulfilling life. Ideal applicants are full-time journalists with established records of publication or broadcast in local, regional, or national markets or among targeted audiences/constituencies and have relevant full-time experience. Fellowships are full-time, last for 12 months, and receive an award of $105,000. Applications close July 5, 2023.

The Media Fellowship aims to increase media coverage that reflects a broad vision of health; is science-based and accurately reports on pertinent ideas, questions, and debates; and embraces solutions journalism and combats mis- and dis-information. It also aims to disseminate innovative research and ideas, and evidence-based information, to different audiences in understandable and engaging ways.

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