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AHRQ seeking nominiations for AHRQ's National Advisory Council

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is currently seeking nominations for our National Advisory Council (NAC).

The NAC advises the AHRQ Director and the Secretary of HHS on activities proposed or undertaken to carry out AHRQ's statutory mission. We are seeking members who represent the breadth of healthcare delivery, policy making and research, and who also reflect the diversity of systems and settings where healthcare services are provided.

In addition, we strive to ensure that NAC members and their institutions are geographically representative of the U.S. as a whole and can address the needs of underserved communities and populations, including racial and ethnic minorities. NAC members meet three times a year.

The application process is simple: all that’s required is to submit a resume and a statement that you are willing to serve. Recommendations are accepted, but are not required. However, the application process is a long one! Applicants should expect to hear if they are selected by spring of 2023.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, July 5, 2022. More information is provided in the official notice that was published in the Federal Register soliciting nominations. Nominations should be sent to the attention of Ms. Jaime Zimmerman at