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NIHCM Foundation Health Care Journalism Awards

NIHCM Foundation Health Care Journalism Awards

The NIHCM Foundation Health Care Journalism Awards recognize excellence in health care reporting and writing on the financing and delivery of health care and the impact of health care policy.

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NIHCM is now accepting submissions in the following categories for work published in 2021:

Research Award - $20,000 prize 
General Circulation Journalism - $20,000 prize
Trade Journalism Award - $15,000 prize
Television and Radio Journalism Award - $20,000 prize
Digital Media Award - $20,000 prize
Honorable Mention - $5,000 prize - one additional entry may be selected for this category

All NIHCM Journalism Awards are judged by an independent panel of journalists and researchers.

DEADLINE for Entries: January 31, 2023
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