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Journalist explains why Medigap plans might be best for seniors

There’s no denying that MA plans are attractive to seniors because many of them offer multiple benefits for low monthly premiums. But the TV ads and almost all the promotional materials from the Medicare program and the insurers themselves do not mention that when enrolling in MA, seniors face a huge risk because MA plans are unlikely to provide the best coverage for seniors over time. Despite the risks, 71% of Medicare beneficiaries did not compare their options when shopping for coverage in 2019, according to this October report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

One of the nation’s experts on Medicare is health care journalist and former AHCJ president Trudy Lieberman (@Trudy_Lieberman). “People are being lured into Medicare Advantage plans with a false sense of security by the promise of no premium or a low premium,” she said.

“Medicare Advantage plans may leave gaps in coverage, and they come with large upfront, out-of-pocket costs. Also, MA plans usually have restrictive networks of hospitals and doctors.”

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