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Questions to consider when covering health insurance reform proposals

Wendell Potter

Now that election day is only about a month away, one of the most important issues the country faces is how a new Congress and a potentially new administration will address the need for health insurance reform.

For health care journalists writing about health reform now and what might happen in 2021, it’s instructive to consider what Wendell Potter, a former public relations executive for health insurers, would suggest when covering this issue. The founder of Tarbell, a donor-funded and subscription-driven health care news site, Potter is one of the co-founders of Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation, a coalition of business leaders supporting the idea of a health care system that covers everyone with essential services regardless of income.

As a former executive for Humana and Cigna, Potter has good advice for health care journalists. During a recent telephone interview, offered a number of tips for reporters to consider.

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