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How to deepen your reporting on Medicare Advantage

Here’s an under-reported story that’s important for 22 million people in the United States: One in three Americans over age 65 are enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans rather than traditional Medicare. It’s a ratio that’s been growing every year.

Doctor appointments, hearing, vision, prescription drugs, rides to medical facilities, private home aid, doctors’ and nurses’ visits by telephone, and even home-delivered meals.

All at no additional cost.

But as I reported in a recent story for MedPage Today, there’s another side of the story that the ads — and often insurance brokers and plans themselves —  don’t mention. It’s that once you get into one of these plans and become ill and unhappy with services or your selection of providers, you may not be able to get out without incurring a lot more expense. The only time you can get out and transfer to traditional Medicare with a Medigap plan, without being subjected to Medigap denials for any medical conditions, is if you enroll at age 65.

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