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Get up to speed on biological weapons and their potential threat

Though developing a bioweapon is a violation of the 1972 U.N. Convention prohibiting the development, production and stockpiling of infectious diseases, national security experts continue to worry that a terrorist or a rogue country could develop and unleash a bioweapon, that could kill or damage people, animals or the food supply.

Most recently, national security officials have expressed concern that North Korea is working on developing a biological weapon and has assembled a team of scientists that may be able to turn a cache of pathogens that could cause smallpox or spread anthrax, the Washington Post reported.

For journalists looking for local bioterrorism angles, consider looking into whether there is a BioWatch program running in the community and is it working? Are any local scientists working on pathogen-altering research? And for more bioterrorism resources, check out our new tip sheet on covering bioterrorism.

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