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Hands-on experiences highlight AHCJ field trip

Her eyes blink, her pupils dilate and, yes, doctors, she has a pulse. She also can have a seizure and complications giving birth - on command. Her name is NOELLE® and she's one very busy childbirth simulator at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. Under the direction of John Vozenilek, M.D., director of Simulation Technology and Immersive Learning, an eager group of field trip attendees in mini-med school at Health Journalism 2010 helped deliver her "baby," aided by silent commands from a nearby wireless PC. 

Journalists not only got to walk through emergency scenarios with NOELLE and infant, but their calm and cool were further tested in a high-fidelity simulation that involved rescuing a patient from a near-fatal asthma attack. Next, they cautiously replaced a ventral venous catheter under ultrasound guidance and revived a patient from cardiac arrest while demonstrating aptitude in CPR and automatic defibrillation.

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