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Health insurance provides for coverage or payment against loss due to injury or ill health. That’s the basic definition. In the United States, however, there are numerous forms of health insurance, both publicly and privately funded. 

This is a time of major shifts in our health care system and that includes the health insurance landscape. There are industry trends, innovations and incentives to provide better care at lower costs and many other business stories for journalists to report.


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Explaining high drug prices

Katie Wedell delved into the complex world of pharmaceutical distribution to help readers understand skyrocketing costs. See it now »

New How I Did It

Covering charity care

Sean Hamill used data to show how for-profit hospitals provide much less charity care than nonprofits. See it now »

New Tip Sheet

Medicaid managed care

Kristen Schorsch explains how it works and where to get the information to do solid accountability reporting about it. See it now »

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