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This site is intended to help you untangle the wide range of concepts included in the implementation and development of heatlh information technology. It is put together by journalists for journalists. We hope to provide resources, tips, commentaries and questions that will help deepen your understanding of the complex landscape and business of health information technology, including how it fits in with the Affordable Care Act, how it is expected to lower costs while improving care, security concerns, how wearable may affect health and more. 

We thank the Gordon and Betty Moore FoundationGordon and Betty Moore Foundation for the support that made this Web portal possible. The foundation has not dictated the content on these pages, but rather has provided a grant or financial sponsorship that allows us to pay for the costs associated with collecting, writing, editing and presenting valuable resources.

Send us ideas, questions, suggestions. Share your successes. Point us to good stories. Help us help you avoid the pitfalls of the not so good ones. We wish you success as you pursue one of health journalism’s core topics.

About your topic leader

What questions do you have about health information technology and covering it?

HIT topic leaderDebra Gordon, AHCJ’s health information technology topic leader, is writing blog posts, tip sheets, articles and gathering resources to help our members cover the changing world of heath information technology.

If you have questions or suggestions for resources on the topic, please send them to

Debra Gordon, M.S., is a seasoned health care communications professional who specializes in researching and writing content on the US health care system and medical issues for clinicians, businesses, and consumers. She has more than 30 years of experience in the health care world, including a decade as a newspaper reporter covering medicine, and 22 years as a freelance medical writer.

She received her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Virginia and her masters in biomedical writing from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. She lives outside Chicago with her husband and five-pound dog.

Founding core topic leader Rebecca Vesely was instrumental in building the foundation of AHCJ's health information technology topic resources.