The aging of America is the most significant demographic trend of our time. Families, workplaces, communities, health care institutions, the economy, government, the field of medicine, the very concept of a normal life trajectory – all of these will be influenced by this trend in ways both predictable and hard to imagine. Reporters will be at the forefront of tracking these changes and explaining them. This resource site will help you learn more about aging, steer you toward important resources, and let you see how other journalists have addressed challenges you may face as you tackle stories on this topic.

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About your topic leader

Liz SeegertLiz Seegert (@lseegert), AHCJ's topic leader on aging, is writing blog posts, assigning and editing tip sheets and articles and gathering resources to help AHCJ members cover the many issues around our aging society.

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Liz Seegert’s reporting and writing background spans more than 25 years in print, broadcast, and digital media. She covers an array of consumer and professional health topics, including wellness/prevention, chronic disease management, women’s health, aging, health policy and health IT.

A partial list of Seegert’s writing credits include Kaiser Health News, New America Media, Women magazine, Home Care Technology Report, The Atlantic online, Discovery Education,, and Healthwise Magazine. Seegert also has been published in professional journals, including the Journal of Healthcare Information Management and Practical Diabetology.

She is a senior fellow at the Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement at George Washington University, and co-produces the HealthCetera podcast, airing on iTunes and Little Water Radio.

Her journalism experience includes stints in Boston as a general assignment news reporter for public radio and a writer for all-news radio, and as a TV news associate producer/writer in New York City. Several years in the corporate world helped to sharpen her writing and immersed her in the world of health and wellness. Since 1995, she has flown solo as a writer/reporter.

Seegert has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University and a master’s in social policy, health care concentration, from Empire State College, State University of New York.

Founding core topic leader Judith Graham was instrumental in building the foundation of AHCJ's aging topic resources.