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Updated October 2021

The health reform pages of the AHCJ site are intended to help health care journalists understand the wide range of concepts incorporated in the implementation of health care reform. Health care journalists curate the resources on these pages specifically for other reporters. In addition to resources, you’ll find story ideas, tip sheets, wisdom from others in the field and commentaries designed to help journalists at all levels, whether you’re just entering the profession, moving to health reform from another beat or have been reporting and editing on health for many years.

Among the most popular pieces we publish are “How I did it” articles in which journalists explain how they got a challenging, long-sought or important story on their beat that can serve as an example to others pursuing similar ideas. It’s not unusual for a journalist to write one of these stories on our pages and then move on to a better position with a more prestigious publication.

Our goal is to deepen your understanding of federal and state legislation aimed at reforming health care, health insurance, drug pricing and the marketplaces for health care coverage. We also provide context for the decisions politicians and regulators make in the 50 states and the District of Columbia as they implement federal and state laws designed to make the health care system more equitable for all by lowering costs and improving patient outcomes. In addition, we cover the parallel changes in the private sector that affect patients and families, physicians, nurses, hospitals and other health care providers.

We ask all journalists and others who visit these pages to send us ideas, questions and suggestions. In particular, we invite you to share your successes with us and point us to good stories that you and other journalists have done when covering health reform. Also, we ask that you help us help you avoid the pitfalls of the not so good ideas.

We thank the Commonwealth Fund and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their support in making these Web pages possible. These foundations have not dictated the content or the topics we report on, but rather provided grants or financial sponsorships allowing us to cover the costs associated with collecting, writing, editing and presenting these resources.




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