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Fiscal Year 2007

Year: 2007

AHCJ would like to thank the following:


California HealthCare Foundation

California Wellness Foundation

Missouri Foundation for Health

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation

Kaiser Family Foundation

The Commonwealth Fund

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality



The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

NASA Glenn Research Center

The MetroHealth System

The Plain Dealer

University of California, Irvine

University of California, Riverside

USC Health Sciences

UCLA Health Sciences

Western University of Health Sciences

City of Hope

RTI International

Los Angeles Times

KNBC-Los Angeles

Picker Institute

Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making


Rebecca Adams

Nancy Aldrich

Eileen Beal

Janice Blanchard

Len Bruzzese

Geoff Chin

Pia Christensen

Katherine Eban

Anthony Effinger

Jeanne Erdmann

Phil Galewitz

Kristen Hallam

Scott Hensley

Rosemary Hoban

Sue Hobbs

Andrew Holtz

Lisa Hubbell

Mary Chris Jaklevic

Carla Johnson

Lynne Lamberg

Trudy Lieberman



Diana Mason

Judy Messina

Michael Millenson

Thomas Mulligan

Kathleen O'Connor

Ivan Oransky

Charlie Ornstein

Helen Palmer

Philip Perry

Joy Short

Ed Silverman

Maria Simbra

Kaffie Sledge

Chiang Soting

Karl Stark

Michael Stobbe

Maryellen Stratmann

Mark Taylor

James J. Unland

Irene Wielawski

Ronald Winslow