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Fiscal year 2019

Year: 2019

While foundations grants and conference sponsorships continue to help us launch and maintain significant programs, the support of individuals – mostly our own members – shows the support of journalism by journalists. It’s the kind of support that earns the respect of large foundations we visit because it speaks to members’ pride in the organization’s mission. It shows ownership. So, we take this opportunity to say a public thank you to those within our professional family who have added $10, $100 or $1,000 to their membership renewals, or have offered multi-year pledges matched by their employers, or who pulled out their checkbooks at the annual conference luncheon appeal. We are able to magnify every dollar you give. We are happy to list here the individuals who managed to give something extra during the past fiscal year. The entire organization thanks you.

Sponsors and Grantors  

Barrow Neurological Institute

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

California Health Care Foundation

Colorado Health Foundation

The Commonwealth Fund

Health Foundation for Western and Central New York

Helmsley Charitable Trust

Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation

Ivy Brain Tumor Center at Barrow

JAMA Network

John A. Hartford Foundation

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Johns Hopkins University

Kansas Health Foundation

Kellogg Foundation

Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Mayo Clinic

Missouri Foundation for Health

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

National Jewish Health

National Library of Medicine

Nemours Foundation

New York Academy of Medicine

New York State Health Foundation

NYU Langone Health

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Pew Charitable Trust

Rhode Island Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

University of Maryland Medicine

US DHHS Department on Women's Health

Circle of Pride Donors

Mugifumi Akimoto

Susan Amlani

Julie Appleby

Lynn Arditi

Diane Atwood

Alicia Ault

Valarie Basheda

Allan Baumgarten

Emily Bazar

Laura Beil

Lesley Bennett

Tracy Berry

Karen Blum

Jennifer Boen

Philip Boffey

Erin Boyle

Salynn Boyles

James Brice

Len Bruzzese

Joe Burns

Tom Burton

Sammy Caiola

Soting (Nicole) Chiang

Pia Christensen

Abigail Christopher

Cheryl Clark

Claire Cleveland

Timothy Cole

Lisa Collier Cool

Victoria Colliver

Kristen Consillio

Cynthia Craft

Allen Curreri

Priyanka Dayal McCluskey

Helen Driediger

Jeanne Erdmann

Blake Farmer

Barbara Feder Ostrov

Carrie Feibel

Pat Ferrier

Robert Field

Lisa Fields

Shannon Firth

Antonio Flores-Lobos

Maggie Fox

Marcia Frellick

Felice Freyer

Joyce Frieden

Rebecca Gannon

Berenice Garcia

Sherree Geyer

Gideon Gil

Brenda Goodman

Elana Gordon

David Gorn

Jim Gutman

Marlene Harris-Taylor

Markian Hawryluk

Scott Hensley

Christine Herman

Rose Hoban

Candace Hoffmann

Andrew Holtz

Allison Hydzik

Stephanie Innes

Ellen James Martin

Sandra Jordan

Richard Karel

Merilee Karr

Jennifer Kearney-Strouse

Dan Keller

Joanne Kenen

Patricia Kime

Richard Kirkner

Andrew Kitchenman

Liz Kowalczyk

David Kroll 

Debra Landis

Kimberly Lankford

Kimberly Leonard

Tony Leys

Janice Lynch Schuster 

Brendan Maher

Elizabeth Marglin

Dan Margolies

Diana Mason

Mutsumi Matsumura

Jack McCain

Leslie McClellan

Brien McElhatten

Maryn McKenna

Allee Mead

Marissa Miley

Michael Millenson

Andy Miller

Ranit Mishori

Laura Moorhead

Jim Mulder

Sarah Mupo

Padma Nagappan

Kathryn Nelson Emily

Erik Neumann

Karl Oestriech

David Olson

Stephanie O'Neill

Ivan Oransky

Charlie Ornstein

May Ortega

Kim Painter

Shalmali Pal

Carol Pearson

Jeff Porter

Taylor Powers

Mary Quirk

Lisa Rapaport

Sabina Rebis

Jennifer Reising

Sabriya Rice

Katja Ridderbusch

Rose Rimler

Jakob Rodgers

Bob Rosenblatt

Shari Rudavsky

Tina Saey

Maureen Salamon

Denise Schipani

Deborah Schoch

Kimberly Scott

Matthew Seidholz

Tamara Sellman

Rebecca Shannonhouse

Selena Simmons-Duffin

Paul Sisson

Susan Spinasanta

Terry Stanton

Karl Stark

Serena Stockwell

Heather Stringer

Blythe Terrell

Jean Tips

Sarah Jane Tribble

Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips

Maggie Van Dyke

Rebecca Vesely

Marijke Vroomen-Durning

David Wahlberg

Julie Washington

Rob Waters

Peter Wehrwein

Karen Weintraub

Frieda Wiley

Wendy Wolfson

Suzanne Zuppello