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Creating a Culture of Wellness & Health

10/09/13 - 10/09/13     Chicago, IL

Wellness and human resources executives will discuss, debate and exchange ideas on the impact of strong culture of health in the workplace on employee productivity and costs.

Among the highlights:

  • Joel T. Allison, president and CEO of Baylor Health Care System, on “Corporate Culture vs. Culture of Well-Being — Explore the CEO and Wellness Professional Partnership to Develop Buy-In”

  • Case Study: University of Michigan's MHealthy Engages Various Company Levels to Champion a Culture of Health

  • Retail clinics as an innovative member offering

  • Innovative Approach to The Debate On Carrot Or Stick: Why Domino's Pizza Decided It Doesn't Always Have to Be the Stick

  • Breakdown Employee Demographics to Create Targeted Strategies that Will Encourage Engagement /Improved Well-Being by Segment

  • American Airlines & Population Health Management: Lower Health Costs While Improving Health for Employees and Their Dependents

  • Insights from the 4th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Research Study

  • Create a New Workplace Wellness Model to Produce Real Results Now

  • Building a Culture of Health and Health Promotion at ExxonMobil

  • Improve Wellness Program Success Rates through Identification of Motivating Factors

The complete agenda is available here.

Media/press credentials are available.