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Academy for Sports Dentistry (ASD) 31st Annual Symposium

08/01/13 - 08/03/13     Philadelphia, PA

August 1-3

The theme of this year’s conference is “Enhancing the Vision of Sports Dentistry.”

Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Paul Krasner, inventor of the Tooth-Saver, which allows the ability to maintain an avulsed tooth’s vitality if it could not be reimplanted within 20 minutes.
  • Dr. Ilhan Uzel who will give a hands-on presentation on “Effective Suturing Following Sports Related Accidents.”
  • Dr. Barry Glassman, speaking on “Are We Setting Our Athletes Up for Sleep Apnea?”
  • Sam Elias, one of the youngest athletes to climb Mt. Everest, will speak about “The Impact of Training and the Effects of Ultimate
  • Stress on the Body.”
  • Andy Wagenheim, a top athletic trainers in Pennsylvania, speaking on “The Current Evaluation and Management of Concussions.”
  • Dr. Bob Lowe,  will speak about “Restoring the Pieces After a Sports Accident.”
  • Dr. Bill Moreau, head of sports medicine for the United States Olympic Committee, will present “An Update on the London Olympics and the Team USA Olympic Program.”
  • Dr. Joel Laudenbach provide a workshop on “Oral Pathology.”

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