Multicultural health in the Bay Area: The untold story

09/11/07     San Francisco, CA

Bay Area



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Covering Health in a Multicultural Society Covering Health in a Multicultural Society: This book is a tool for understanding the increasing diversity of the audiences we serve. It is meant to expand your knowledge of what culture, ethnicity, health and well-being mean to people from a variety of backgrounds.

Speakers' slide presentations (PDFs)

Anthony Iton, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., health officer for Alameda County, Calif.

Sally Lehrman, independent journalist and diversity chair, Society of Professional Journalists

Resources mentioned by the speakers

Ellen Wu

California Immigrant Policy Center
• California Health Interview Survey report: What Does It Take for a Family to Afford to Pay for Health Care?

Viji Sundaram

New America Media

Paul Kleyman, editor of Aging Today (workshop attendee)

Immigrants And Health Care: Sources Of Vulnerability
Health Affairs, 26, no. 5 (2007): 1258-1268
doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.26.5.1258
(Reminder: Free access to Health Affairs is an AHCJ member benefit.)

Sally Lehrman

• Mass print media depictions of cancer and heart disease: community versus individualistic perspectives? (Abstract)
Juanne Clarke Ph.D., Gudrun van Amerom BA
Health & Social Care in the Community (OnlineEarly Articles).

Maynard Institute for Journalism Education

Additional resources

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Interim Statement of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health 2007

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Three dozen journalists gathered at the San Francisco Chronicle for this workshop on multicultural health issues in the Bay Area. The workshop, the third of its kind presented in California by AHCJ over the past year, was sponsored by The California Endowment. Logistical support also came from The Maynard Institute for Journalism Education.

Covering disparities in health and health care is not the same as reporting the latest drug trial or diet advice. When race, culture, language, immigration and other hot button issues are mixed in, how do you separate science from politics, facts from beliefs? How do you find community and expert sources across cultural divides? How do you walk the line through minefields of labels and connotations to find the right words to tell your story?

Culture, history, money and biology intertwine to influence health and health care. This workshop builds on AHCJ's recently published multicultural health resource guide, which was supported by The California Endowment, to help you sharpen your skills, learn practical tips, and avoid lurking traps in this important, yet underreported area. Experienced journalists share their hard-earned lessons. Health experts flag common errors and misconceptions, while also providing an overview of what researchers really know.

Agenda and Speakers

Presented by the Association of Health Care Journalists and its Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism with assistance from the
Maynard Institute for Journalism Education

Sponsored by The California Endowment

Hosted by the San Francisco Chronicle