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The status of health IT in your community

08/07/12     Online

Farzad Mostashari
Farzad Mostashari

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AHCJ members had an exclusive on-the-record conversation with Farzad Mostashari, M.D., (@Farzad_ONC) national coordinator for health information technology, and other officials with the HHS Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

View and learn how to use an updated “Health IT Dashboard” to find local-level information for your stories.

Learn how health information technology – electronic health records and other tools to collect and report health data – can be used to help patients and doctors better manage treatments and care in addition to better track health care trends.

The Health IT Dashboard provides information about where Federal Recovery Act dollars are being spent on health IT programs, the percentage of doctors and hospitals adopting electronic health records, and how many doctors and pharmacies are using electronic prescribing tools.

This is an AHCJ members-only opportunity to learn about health IT and its impact on providers and patients in their own communities.


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