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NY chapter - Narrative medical nonfiction for journalists & authors

06/27/06     New York, NY

An inside look at "the new journalism." It focuses on the colorful story behind the facts, and reads like fiction. This popular approach builds a strong connection for the reader by reporting on real issues in vivid, character-driven style.

Guest speakers included:

  • Henry Finder, Editorial Director, The New Yorker, co-author, "Fierce Pajamas" (Modern Library, 2002)
  • Sandeep Jauhar M.D., Director, Heart Failure Program, Long Island Jewish Medical Center (Articles: The New York Times, Readers Digest, the Lancet)
  • Paul Raeburn, (AHCJ member), Journalist-Author, "Acquainted With The Night: A Memoir of Raising Children with Depression and Bi-Polar Disorder"(Broadway Books). Formerly editor and science writer at Business Week and The Associated Press.