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NY chapter event - Medical Devices: Uncharted Territory

02/26/07     New York, NY

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Costly drugs and Big Pharma garner the majority of media coverage, yet medical devices and diagnostics are a massive, fast-growing market -- one that's sure to grow as aging baby boomers look for better replacement parts and tests.

Find out about trends, sources, and the latest advances in this important yet still under-reported sector. You'll learn how small companies get financing and approvals, and what they have to do to compete with the giants in their industry.

Moderator: Scott Hensley, News Editor, The Wall Street Journal, Health & Science Bureau (AHCJ member) Hensley writes the WSJ column "Follow the Money," about what drives decisions in the health care industry, and appears frequently on CNBC.

Panel members include top executives from these cutting-edge medical technology companies:

  • Chembio Diagnostics - Developer and manufacturer of rapid tests to aid in the detection of infectious diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis.
  • Mystic Pharmaceuticals - Developer of drug delivery solutions for ophthalmic and intranasal applications.
  • CNS Response - The company's technology matches mental and addiction physiology to treatment outcomes, providing a platform for physicians to manage patients' psychiatric medications.
  • SyntheMed - Biomaterials company that develops and commercializes anti-adhesion and drug delivery products.

When: Feb. 26, 6 to 8 pm

Where: CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Admission: Complimentary

Panelist Coordinators:

Brett Johnson (AHCJ member), Publisher, Health Care Investment Digest
Sara Calabro, Editor-in-Chief, Medical Technology Investment Digest