“Under the skin”: A conversation about health and racism with Linda Villarosa


1 p.m. ET Wednesday, March 29

Journalist and author Linda Villarosa will talk with AHCJ core topic leader for health equity Margarita Birnbaum about how a story she wrote for the New York Times evolved into a book — "Under the Skin: The Hidden Toll of Racism on American Lives and the Health of Our Nation." Villarosa, a former health editor at The New York Times, wrote a gripping and revealing story that exposed how race and ethnic prejudice in the medical system and society at large have contributed to the deaths of generations of Black women and children.

Join us for a conversation with Villarosa to learn more about the people she interviewed, how to find people who will share their experiences, and how to bring context about the legacy of bigotry to the stories we write about local and national public health trends. Read more about the award-winning journalist on her website

Meeting ID: 996 8142 9748

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Linda Villarosa 

Margarita Binbaum