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Long COVID: Ask NIH leader about latest research


webcast2 p.m. ET Friday, Feb. 10

Check out this discussion with NIH leader Dr. Gary Gibbons about long COVID, which is still poorly understood by scientists and physicians. Find out why some people have lingering, severe fatigue, brain fog, or trouble breathing, who is at risk for these symptoms and why a treatment is a mystery the National Institutes of Health’s RECOVER initiative and many other researchers are working to solve.

To help journalists write about this topic, Dr. Gibbons answered questions about what we know so far about long COVID and address questions that remain unanswered. He  particularly focused on health inequities and long COVID’s impact on non-White and ethnic groups. Check out the webinar slides and watch the full webcast below.

Meeting ID: 966 7847 9850

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Dr. Gary Gibbons 

Bara Vaida

Dr. Gary Gibbons has been the director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute since 2012. Before joining the NHLBI, Dr. Gibbons — a cardiologist by training — was the founding director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute, Department of Physiology chair and professor of physiology and medicine at the Morehouse School of Medicine.There he directed NIH-funded research in the fields of vascular biology, genomic medicine and the pathogenesis of vascular diseases. Gibbons received several patents for innovations derived from his research in the fields of vascular biology and the pathogenesis of vascular diseases. Prior to joining the Morehouse School of Medicine in 1999, Gibbons taught at Stanford University and Harvard Medical School.