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Ask the expert: A Q&A on femtech



2 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. ET, Monday, Oct. 24

In the continuing fallout of the Dobbs decision, questions have been raised about how far law enforcement might reach into private health information via femtech, health care software and tech-enabled products designed to support women's health. Can “anonymous” modes recently introduced by some companies truly keep users' information private? And how could the upcoming November elections — 36 states are holding governor contests — impact the industry with abortion a top-of-mind issue for many people?

Bethany Corbin, the femtech practice lead and senior counsel for Nixon Gwilt Law, will take questions for 30 minutes during the webcast, so bring your queries. Corbin is a frequent speaker and writer on femtech, privacy, contract drafting and ethical technology. She also hosts the Legally Femtech podcast.

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Bethany Corbin

Karen Blum

Bethany Corbin, femtech practice lead and senior counsel at Nixon Gwilt Law, is a recognized industry expert at the intersection of law and women's health technology. She empowers pioneering femtech and health care innovation companies to revolutionize care delivery with legal counsel and strategic guidance. In particular, Bethany partners with emerging femtech companies at the forefront of health care transformation to ensure they are building robust, scalable and legally compliant health solutions that are ready to lead the industry.