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Tick boom: A physician's forecast for summer '22



Wednesday, June 8, noon ET

Ticks have proliferated - caused by the combination of overbuilding in previously forested areas, climate change and international trade.

We all know about the tick-borne disease - Lyme - which can cause debilitating nerve and other damage, but what are the new and emerging tick-borne diseases and where are they emerging? What does that mean for communities? What should reporters be writing about right now and what are the under covered stories related to tick-borne diseases? When will there be a vaccine for Lyme? What about the latest treatments and how can communities and individuals prevent getting bitten?

A long-time tick expert, physician and former co-chair of a national working group on tick borne diseases that advises the federal government will provide some answers. Please send your questions to

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John Aucott

Bara Vaida


Dr. John Aucott is an internist and Lyme disease expert in the Division of Rheumatology, and is the director of the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center. With more than 15 years of research experience on the crippling effects of Lyme disease, he has published studies focusing on characteristics of early Lyme disease. His research is also focused on improved diagnostic testing and health related outcomes in Lyme disease. He is widely recognized an international expert in post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. He is also former chair of the U.S. Health and Human Service's department's Tick-Borne Working Group that developed a set of recommended policies on preventing and responding to tick-borne diseases.