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Stopping the Next One: How two journalists covered the race to prevent the next pandemic


Fall 2021 Smith/Patterson Science Journalism Lecture

6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 29
Smith Forum, 200 RJI
Simultaneously live-streaming on the J School Facebook page

Journalists Harriet Constable and Jacob Kushner will discuss their six-part multimedia series for BBC, “Stopping the Next One,” which explores six diseases that could cause the next global pandemic and the scientists working to keep that from happening. Their stories cover a bat-borne virus in Asia, a super-spreader mosquito that has crossed from India to North America, African camels carrying Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), swine flu in Europe, monkeys with yellow fever in South America, and possums carrying flesh-eating bacteria in Australia.

“The time to stop the next pandemic is now,” Kushner said. “As journalists, it’s our job to lead the way toward a solution by highlighting the public policies governments can enact to enable scientists to discover future, pandemic-possible diseases — before it’s too late.”

“I hope the audience comes away seeing that there’s a great deal we can all be doing - on a personal, local and global scale, to put ourselves in a safer position for the future,” Constable said.

Jacob will be here in-person from Nairobi, and Harriet will attend via Zoom from London. 

Attend in-person (with masks) or watch live on the J School Facebook page.