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The Summit on Mental Health

11/08/21 - 11/11/21    

Anxiety and depression increased among Americans during the pandemic, especially among Black and Asian people. Substance use disorders and overdoses also increased. This layered crisis has exposed problems that existed before the pandemic and spotlighted them for journalists across the country.

AHCJ’s first multi-day gathering focused entirely on mental and behavioral health, hosted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, will explore many aspects of mental health, in the context of the pandemic and aside from it. Experts from major health care providers, public health entities, research institutions and nonprofits will speak at this four-day event, culminating in a “big picture” keynote with global mental health innovator Dr. Vikram Patel.

Spotlight speakers

The case for a  global mental health solution (and the U.S. role in achieving it) with Dr. Vikram Patel

Our collective trauma: A conversation with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

The Mental Health Justice Act: A Q&A with U.S. Rep. Katie Porter (D-Orange County, Calif.)


Multiple aspects of mental health will be explored in sessions on:

  • Mental health in communities and what advocates are doing to improve it

  • The impact of the pandemic on teen substance use

  • What the pandemic taught us about the importance of social connectedness among the aging

  • How the conversation has changed about kids' access to mental health services

  • The mental health/physical impact of COVID-19 on nurses

  • What’s happening in maternal mental health

  • What journalists should know about reporting on suicide

  • How to untangle the complicated roots of vaccine hesitancy

  • How mental health/substance use care is being provided in primary care settings

  • What educators and researchers are learning about building resilience in physicians

  • The promise and limitations of telehealth, apps and mental health technology

  • How psychedelics and MDMA are being used in treatment.

Check this page for updates and additions to the program as they are finalized.