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AHCJ 2002 Conference

04/06/02 - 04/09/02     Bethesda, MD

The Third National Conference was a great success with over 200 attendees, a plethora of speakers and 19 exhibitors.

Conference proceedings

"What is the Real Significance of Bioterrorism and HIV/AIDS?"
Webcast of Laurie Garrett, the only journalist to have won a Pulitzer, a Peabody and a Polk, speaks on the real significance of bioterrorism and HIV/AIDS. This is the plenary session from Sunday, April 7. Courtesy of

Covering Capitol Hill from Beyond the Beltway
Webcast of Veteran Capitol Hill health reporter Julie Rovner shares her favorite tricks of the trade, including using the Internet, to get the information quickly. This session was on Sunday afternoon. Courtesy of

Cancer Screening: Benefits and Risks
PowerPoint handouts in PDF format from Barnet S. Kramer, M.D., M.P.H., Office of Disease Prevention, NIH. This is from the Cancer Screening: The Clash of Intuition and Medical Science session on Tuesday, April 9.

Writing it Right: What Journalists Need to Understand About Drugs and Addiction
PowerPoint handouts in PDF format from Wilkie A. Wilson, Ph.D., Duke Medical Center. These handouts are from the Understanding Substance Abuse: Research, Federal Policy and Media Campaigns session on Saturday morning.

Room for Improvement: Quality of Care in the U.S.
PowerPoint handouts in PDF format from Stephen C. Schoenbaum, MD, MPH from the Commonwealth Fund.

Covering Health: Avoiding the Traps
A tip sheet in PDF format from Deborah Potter, Executive Director, Newslab, from the Saturday, April 6 session, Covering Health News on Television.

Epidemiology: Some Boot-Camp Basics
An outline in PDF format from Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH, from the Boot Camp workshop on Saturday, April 6.