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Rural Health Journalism Workshop 2021

06/21/21 - 06/23/21    

Spotlight speaker:
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

America’s 60 million rural residents face distinct pandemic COVID-19 challenges – and those are just the latest in longstanding health challenges for rural populations.

Health journalists will find story after story during the virtual Rural Health Journalism Workshop June 21-23. The easy-access workshop will bring journalists together with health care and policy experts who focus on the medical needs, and how they differ, in rural areas.

You don't have to live in a rural area to write great stories about what's happening just beyond the city limits. Non-urban populations can play a larger-than-expected role in setting policy and legislation in many states and across the country. Leave with a better understanding of what’s happening – and will be happening – in rural regions to bring more perspective to your stories.

This special three-day, no-fee workshop will help you find and cover health stories in rural America. To attend and hear from experts, get answers to your questions and meet speakers in small breakout sessions, you just need to be an AHCJ member. And after the workshop, AHCJ members will have access to recordings.