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Journalism Summit on Infectious Disease

11/16/20 - 11/19/20     ,

Nov. 16-19, 2020

With more than 220,000 COVID-19 deaths in the United States – and with others deemed “recovered” but left with lingering maladies – health journalists can feel dazed in deciding which stories to pursue. AHCJ is here to help. Join us in the virtual Journalism Summit on Infectious Disease Nov. 16-19. Its series of sessions will be moderated by leading health journalists and will feature world-class experts.

With discussions about data resources, treatments and vaccine development, health workers and vulnerable populations, COVID-19 and influenza sharing a season, and more, you’ll leave recharged with scores of story ideas and resources to get them done.

NIH Director Francis Collins will be a featured speaker.

There will be some time for Collins to answer questions.

Please submit your questions here. The deadline to submit questions is noon ET on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

Sessions include:

  • Following the pandemic numbers: Data that can bolster reporting

  • Different testing types: Access and accuracy

  • What are we learning from the COVID-19 vaccine efforts?

  • Treatment status: What’s here, and what’s on the horizon

  • The hidden side of mental health during a pandemic

  • Health disparities among hard-hit populations

  • When two diseases meet: Flu and COVID-19 will share at least one season

  • Efforts in the works to ease a strained health care workforce