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COVID-19 Webinar: From Data to Decisions: Evaluating State Capacity


Friday, April 3rd | 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. ET 

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has led to a growing number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and concerns about health system capacity. Models and projections can be useful tools to help policymakers at the state and local levels make evidence-based decisions to slow the spread of the virus and bolster health system capacity. During this webinar, panelists will highlight the role of modeling in helping states prepare and respond to COVID-19.


David Radley, Ph.D., MPH, Senior Scientist, Tracking Health System Performance, The Commonwealth Fund

Nirav Shah, M.D., MPH, Senior Scholar, Stanford University Clinical Excellence Research Center; Collaborator, CoVidActNow

Sarah J. Dash, MPH, President and CEO, Alliance for Health Policy (moderator)


This COVID-19 Webinar Series will synthesize the information in the headlines to provide cohesive insight into the status of the response and remaining gaps in the system that must be addressed to limit the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. These sessions discuss the trajectory of the pandemic and the risks of a surge in cases. The speakers will explain how entities at the front lines are responding and highlight policy levers being deployed to stymie the spread of the novel coronavirus.
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The Alliance for Health Policy gratefully acknowledges the support of the National Institute of Health Care Management (NIHCM) and The Commonwealth Fund for this event.