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Explaining coronavirus testing for your audience


Friday, April 3, at noon ET

To understand how many Americans have the new coronavirus, the United States needs more clinical lab tests but labs nationwide have been slow to respond. David Louis, M.D., pathologist in chief at Massachusetts General Hospital, will join us to answer questions about why the United States has lagged so far behind other countries in testing, what kinds of tests labs are using, whether serological tests will provide faster results than molecular tests, how fast we can expect new point-of-care tests to be available nationwide, and what Americans can expect as more testing is done nationwide.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions during the webcast but we also will take questions ahead of time to make sure we address what journalists need to know. Submit your questions in advance with this form.

  • David Louis, M.D., pathologist in chief, Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Moderator: Joseph Burns, AHCJ core topic leader/insurance

David Louis, M.D., is the Benjamin Castleman Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and pathologist-in-chief at Massachusetts General Hospital. Under Louis, the department has become a national leader in molecular diagnostics and pathology informatics. During the novel coronavirus pandemic, the scarcity of tests has led the department to work with other hospitals and researchers to develop new tests to expand the number of patients who can be tested each day.

David Louis

Joseph Burns