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Addressing the youth vaping epidemic

02/05/20     ,

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Feb. 5, 1 p.m. ET

According to federal data, more than 5 million American young people are using e-cigarettes. The trend, with its negative health implications, is alarming to parents, public health officials, lawmakers and educators. Brookings Institution Research Analyst Diana Quintero has been exploring the rise of youth vaping through the lens of educational and public policy. In this webinar, she will discuss what she has learned about factors driving the rise of teen e-cigarette use and the health and disciplinary implications of vaping among young people. She will also share her findings about federal and state responses to the problem, as well as local approaches being taken by some schools and communities.

  • Diana Quintero, research analyst, The Brookings Institution

  • Moderator: Mary Otto, AHCJ core topic leader/oral health

Quintero, who has served as a research analyst at Brookings since 2017, implements analytic strategies to answer and develop fundamental research questions within topics related to education policy. As part of her work, she coauthors reports and blog posts, including a recent piece, "The Youth Vaping Epidemic: Addressing the Rise of E-Cigarettes in Schools," which she coauthored with Nandeeni Patel.

Diana Quintero

Mary Otto