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New administration, new approach to Medicaid waivers?



The Trump administration has told states to expect “more freedom to design programs that meet the spectrum of diverse needs of their Medicaid population.” Section 1115 Medicaid demonstration waivers have been available to states as long as the program has existed, but each administration takes its own approach to assessing waiver requests. 

This presentation will give attendees an understanding of the Medicaid waiver landscape heading into a busy fall, when precedent-setting decisions are expected on several states’ proposals. Speakers will discuss the kinds of flexibility states have asked for – and are likely to ask for in the coming months and years – and how these changes may affect Medicaid beneficiaries, state budgets, and the future of the ACA coverage discussion.


Thursday, Sept. 14; 1:30-2:45 p.m. ET

Register in advance.


  • Matt Salo, executive director, National Association of Medicaid Directors

  • Cindy Mann, partner, Manatt Health

  • John McCarthy, founding partner, Speire Healthcare Strategies

  • Jake Harper, reporter, WFYI and Side Effects Public Media

  • Karl Eisenhower of the Alliance for Health Policy will moderate the discussion.

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This webinar is a collaboration between the Alliance for Health Policy and the Association of Health Care Journalists. It is supported by the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation.