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Webcast: The Future of the State Children's Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP)


AHCJ/Kaiser logosFourth in a series of interactive webcasts ...

AHCJ-Kaiser Family Foundation Interactive Roundtable

"The Future of the State Children's Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP)"

The webcast, from March 6, 2007, is now available.

With the State Children's Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) up for reauthorization, this roundtable - a partnership between the Association of Health Care Journalists and the Kaiser Family Foundation - focuses on what journalists need to know about covering SCHIP in their states. Health reform proposals announced by would-be presidential candidates call for expanding coverage through SCHIP.

Among the questions our experts will answer are: how successful has the program been at reducing the rate of uninsurance among children; how is the program financed; what changes are being contemplated for the program; what are the barriers and red tape families encounter trying to use the program; should it be a building block for comprehensive reform?

Moderator: Trudy Lieberman, director of the health and medical reporting program at City University of New York, and president of AHCJ board of directors


Robin Rudowitz - principal policy analyst, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured
Becky Shipp - health policy adviser, Senate Finance Committee, minority staff
Alan Weill - executive director, National Academy for State Health Policy
Alice Weiss - health counsel, Senate Finance Committee, majority staff