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Overcoming the hurdles: How to write accurate medical stories on deadline

05/28/08     Chicago, IL

AHCJ's Chicago chapter presents this session in which attendees will learn how to address the challenges of writing accurate, balanced and complete stories on deadline despite biased sources and commercial pressures in the medical industry. The speakers will use real stories as examples to show how it doesn't take an extra thousand words of type or 10 minutes of air to write a solid medical story. is a website dedicated to improving the accuracy of news stories about medical treatments, tests, products and procedures. In two years of operation, it's rated more than 550 stories for accuracy, balance and completeness using a standardized rating system on 10 criteria.

Speaker: Gary Schwitzer, health journalism professor, University of Minnesota; publisher,; AHCJ member; former CNN medical news unit head
Speaker: Harold DeMonaco, M.S., Co-Chair, Human Research Committee, Massachusetts General Hospital; clinical advisor and one of a team of medical editors for Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

Date: Wednesday, May 28
Time: 9 a.m.-noon
Place: Chicago newsroom of Medill Reports, Northwestern University
Address: 105 W. Adams, Suite 200 (at the corner of Clark Street)

The Association of Health Care Journalists presents this program with support from the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making.